Client Services

Writing is intuitive. It is a skill I have honed over the past 25 years with experience in journalism, creative, labor, non-profit and business writing. It requires listening well, being flexible to a client’s changing needs, and most of all, providing writing services on time and in a professional manner.

What professional services look like

When I consult with you, I listen to what you need. I ask questions. I may challenge you about the format or the message. This early give and take often reduces the number of revisions in the future. This meeting is at no cost to you of course. Once both parties feel comfortable working together, I draft a letter of agreement which both of us sign. Then we begin.

  • Each draft is labeled as such, so you can keep track of revisions and changes.
  • When the last draft is approved, you sign off on it.
  • If I am also providing design and print services I will then offer you design choices.
  • When the design and text have been combined, I will show that to you for final review.
  • I provide product delivery to you.

What professional writing costs

I offer flexible payment options based on non-profit status, size of project, number of revisions, and – if I’m providing those services – print and design quality. Testimonials from other clients will speak to my ability to meet the needs of my clients, no matter their size. Depending on your preference, I can work hourly, on retainer, or on a project basis. If you want a project rate, I will develop that proposal before any work begins. If you prefer an hourly rate, I can provide regular updates to help keep track of costs.

The initial consultation is free of charge, so contact me today for more information about professional writing services I can provide to you and your project.

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