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On the Global Waterfront

On the Global Waterfront: The Fight to Free the Charlston 5 is Suzan Erem and Paul Durrenberger’s provocative story of the well-led, well-organized and well-financed black longshoremen of South Carolina bucking the white establishment locally and the shipping industry internationally to free five men wrongly-charged with crimes that would permanently ruin their own lives and the effectiveness of their historic union. It’s a fast-paced narrative laced with the historical and economic descriptions seldom voiced in the South, but very much part of the forces they opposed as Local 1422 President Ken Riley, with the support of South Carolina AFL-CIO President Donna Dewitt and AFL-CIO Assistant to the President Bill Fletcher, take on racism, classism, the inertia of the labor movement and international corporations to save some of the best-paid jobs in South Carolina.

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